Who is Erwin?

In 1975 Erwin Linhart decided to take his first steps in the restaurant business. Already as a young child he tended to experiment with everything eatable, so the move in this direction seemed a logical one.

Erwin promised himself never to lose his honesty, never to cheat, nor deceive.
After years of experience this finally resulted in a solid reputation, that is, as a chef in many renowned restaurants and as a famous caterer of ‘DE GULDEN BOCK’. Later he also opened the gastronomic restaurant ‘PASTOURELLE’.

Inspired by Mediterranean tastes and fragrances, Erwin started to experiment with different kinds of exotic, imported bread. After several years of developing, he launched Ervin’s Bread. Still, this was not sufficient for him. He wanted to become an all-round cook. He thought it important to make everything himself and once achieved, he added his particular influence.

The sweet as well as the savoury part of cooking is well-known to Erwin. In combining these to tastes, he began focussing on the bistro market. With Ervin’s bread he is showing us that our hectic and fast world has a need for healthy en fresh ingredients which can be shaped into a tasty snack. With this in mind he created POPOFF and FOCACCIA.

Today a further development of Ervin’s Bread is going on under the slogan of  ‘FOOD + FORM + FUN’.

Bread is all about pleasure.