Ervin’s bread doesn’t only excel with its brilliant combination of natural flavours and a fluffy crumb, but it also stands out for its unique form and character.

The Belgian manufacturer Erwin Linhart confesses: ‘It’s my heart and soul’.
A passion and a desire to create bread that is healthy and packed with flavour.

The complete collection of Ervin’s Bread is handmade and ‘all natural’.

Our bread is made following our own secret recipes, the results of years of try-outs.
It is honest bread made with honest ingredients. We use no taste enhancers, artificial food colouring or preservatives. Only the best natural ingredients are used, whereas a slow manufacturing process allows the bread to reach its full flavour.
The freshest herbs, the best flour available, extra virgin olive oil and huge amounts of love are the main ingredients for these pieces of art.

We are ready for the future trend, which is focusing on traditional, high-quality products.

As we speak, many restaurants and shops are already enjoying the taste and texture of fresh Ervin’s Bread. Our flash-freezing process guarantees you 100% freshness, as if we deliver our freshly baked bread straight to your doorstep.



Before usage, please defrost.

It can be eaten cold or hot, however its taste will only be fully brought out when the bread is warmed trough in a preheated oven (of about 180°C to 200°C) for 3 to 5 minutes.
Please do not ZAP it in a microwave oven. You can, however, heat it up in a toaster; a Panini maker, or put it straight on the barbecue grill.

You should let it cool for a moment before cutting it up, which of course should be done with a sharp bread knife as to prevent shredding the bread.

Because of the high percentage of olive oil, the careful process of kneading the dough, and the slow manual way of shaping it, Ervin’s Bread keeps remarkably long. Even when sliced it still remains extraordinarily fresh.
This makes it the ideal bread to serve in open air or even in air-conditioned rooms.


Out bread can be used for different occasions:

  • -    as appetizer served alongside a number of dips such as pesto, babaganoush, tzatziki, guacamole, salsas, hummus, tarama, anchoïade, ...
  • -    as a Panini, a sandwich, or a croque-monsieur
  • -    served alongside salads, soups, Carpaccio
  • -    pasta- and wok dishes
  • -    vegetarian dishes
  • -    tapas and finger foods
  • -    as a pita bread, a hamburger bun
  • -    a pizza, bruschetta or a wrap
  • -    served with cheese boards, cold and hot buffets
  • -    barbecues, fondues
  • -    outdoor cooking and stone grilling


-    frozen - 18 °C
-    defrosted: refrigerated (1-5 °C) 5 days


Once completely defrosted, do not freeze again.