Ervin's Focaccia with Herbs

* Ideal for making paninis :

Can be served cold or warm, either large or small.
Cut lengthwise and cover with products of your choice. C
 .Cover with the top of the focaccia bread.
 .Cut with a bread knife crosswise  into 4 parts so you will obtain  four large paninis
or into 16 parts for small sandwiches.

  • Crunchy focaccia stuffed with mozzarella, tomato, extra Provencal herbs, flakes of parmesan.
  • Crispy focaccia stuffed with mozzarella, tomato, Parma ham.
  • Vegetarian: nicely stuffed with falafel, iceberg salad and grilled tomato, serve accompanied with tzatziki.
  • Incredible bread to fill as a pita : stuff nicely with shoarma or even with a juicy burger and some crunchy fried onion rings.

* Serve with a tasty tagine of rabbit , lamb, fish or a  vegetarian tagine.

* Very simple, but oh such a delicacy  : to add to appetizers, receptions and tapas :

Cut the focaccia in long strips   and grill   and grill in a panini press, or toast those strips.
Serve with a nice colourful palette of some dip sauces :

  • green pesto
  • caviar of sundried tomatoes 
  • black olive tapenade with anchovies and capers 
  • Greek yoghurt sauce with mint and dill 
  •  hummus with zatar
  • tarama and tzatziki
  • babaganoush of eggplant 


* ERVIN ' S  LOVERS' PIZZA:  for 2 lovers

Internationally known from television and magazines .

Cover Ervin's Focaccia Bread graciously  with:

  • basil pesto
  • slices of tomato
  • grilled aubergine, grilled zucchini, grilled artichoke
  • mozzarella
  • marinated mushrooms
  • slices of roasted and peeled colourful peppers
  • sundried marinated tomatoes
  • pitted black and green olives
  • parmesan shavings

Season finally with fleur du sel and grounded black pepper.
Bake in the oven during 7 minutes until crunchy.
Coming out of the oven, finish the pizza with a few drops of excellent extra virgin olive oil.
Garnish with some fresh basil leafs.

Present on a wooden cutting boardwith a sharp bread knife. Delightful, orginal, trendy, a hype!

The story behind the lovers' pizza? I will tell you personally.


The recipes above have been described for this type of bread:

Ervin's Basil Bread

* Nice stuffed Paninis:

 Fill the basil bread.
 Cut into three equal parts to obtain 3 large paninis or for small sandwiches into 9 parts:


  • extra basil pesto, slices of tomato, curly endive, flakes of parmesan
  • Italian ham with herbs, tomato, taleggio
  • carpaccio of fresh tuna, sundried tomato, pecorino

For this preparation: first heat the basil bread and allow to cool. Then fill with cubes of  young herring "maatjes", crushed tomato, red onion rings, fine green beans, cubes of granny smith, and finally sour cream.

* Vegetarian:

  • Stuffed with baked tsay and grilled vegetables.
  • Stuffed with bulgur or tabbouleh, with tempura of vegetables and chickpea sprouts.


* During  wintertime: filled with a firmer mornay sauce, ham and Brussels endive roll, gratinated with cheese


*  Modern version of a cannibal toast:


Make sure that the basil bread is opened flat and toasted or grilled on both sides.       . 
Cover with fresh coarse ground beef tartare, mixed with extra virgin olive oil , a few drops of very good balsamic vinegar , Worchestershire sauce , capers , some chopped onions and baby gherkins, and seasoned with salt and pepper. 
Finish the toast kanibaal  with ground sea salt or salt flakes   , a twist of black pepper, tufts of fresh basil leaves and sprinkle with a few drops of olive oil      .
Serve this way... Oh, enjoy !and sprinkle with a few drops of olive oil  


* A sublime salad :

A carpaccio of coeur de boeuf tomatoes and         withandandanslices of buffalo mozzarella.  .. Sprinkle with a salsa verde of basil. ...... . Marble with extra virgin olive oil and very fine balsamic vinegar. Finally season with fleur du sel and ground black pepper from the mill.
Of course you serve this dish with some slices of roasted basil bread. 

The recipes above have been described for this type of bread:

Ervin's Sundried Tomato Bread

 * Stuffed Panini:

First warm the sundried tomato bread for 5 minutes in a preheated oven and allow to cool.
Cut the bread into two equal parts.
Cover both sides with a fresh cream cheese that has been flavoured with finely sliced chives, Worcestershire sauce, pepper and salt.   
Then place alternately on one part colourful paprika rings: yellow, red, green and orange. 
Close the bread and slice into 4 sandwiches.  
Serve cold or slightly heated between a panini press. 

  • Grilled zucchini, mozzarella, pitted and coarsely sliced green and black olives.
  • Marinated cucumber with dill and cooked ham.

* How to make small beautiful roulades for receptions, for tapas, or as an appetiser :

For this preparation: Thaw the sundried tomato bread, but do not heat it up.
The bread must remain flexible and should definitely not become crisp. 
Cut the bread lengthwise into thin slices (about 3 mm thickness).
 ... Put fresh natural cream cheese on the slices of bread and cover with smoked salmon and rocket salad.
Role for a bread roulade. Let the role stiffen in the fridge .
   Cut into small slices    or serve as a whole. .
Very beautiful. Of course one can prepare this role in the same way  with other products such as Parma ham, pesto and thin slices fried zucchini .

* Ideal to serve with a cheese board or buffet. 

* Serve Ervin's sundried tomato bread with a preparation of scampi or lamb.   

* This bread is an absolute must at any barbecue . You can heat all Ervin's Bread directly on the grill. 

The recipes above have been described for this type of bread:

Ervin's Black Olives Tapenade & Garlic Bread

* Stuffed Panini: 

Fill the black olives tapenade & garlic bread.
Cut into two equal parts to obtain 2 large paninis or for small sandwiches into 6 parts:

  • Babaganoush (caviar of aubergines), slices of grilled aubergine, slices of tomato, 
    slivers of asiago cheese (or mozzarella or san simon cheese, or other).
  • Pastrami of lamb, grilled zucchini, shavings of parmesan.
  • Wild mushrooms with melted onions, good farm butter and flat parsley.
  • Vitello tonato, some additional chunks of tuna,  Roman lettuce, capers.
    Of course one can also simply serve slices of grilled tapenade and garlic bread with a plate of vitello tonato.


* Mushroom toast: a modern version :

Fill up the crispy heated tapenade & garlic bread with fresh beautiful Parisian mushrooms which have been fried in garlic butter. 
Finish with freshly chopped parsley.
One can still enrich this delicious dish with scampi , or with escargots, or with marrow.

* Delicious to give alongside scampi or gambas .

* Definitely one of my favorites :

Fill with spicy, crunchy and juicy roastbeef , rocket salad and crispy fried onion rings (breaded in milk and flour, or with panko ).
Serve slightly heated with a fresh anchovy mayonnaise .
Try it ...Ravishing!


The recipes above have been described for this type of bread:

Ervin's Sesame Seed Bread

* A very delicious type of bread that can be used for all purposes :

  • At breakfast: can be served either soft or crispy, or nicely toasted.
  • Ideal for your cheese buffet.
  • Fondue, gourmet, stone grill.
  • Wok dishes.
  • Outdoor cooking and barbecue : our breads may be heated straight on the grill  for about 2 minutes. . for about 2 minutes   for about 2 minutes   for about 2 minutes   for about 2 minutes   
  • Little stuffed sandwiches receptions and walking dinners.
  • Tea time.

* Paninis:

  • Smoked salmon, cream cheese flavoured with fine slices of baby stem ginger in syrup , rocket salad.
  • Smoked eel,  horseradish cream cheese spiced with Espelette pepper, celeriac salad.
  • Smoked trout , cream cheese with chopped chives, oven dried tomato.
  • Thin slices of bresaola or viande de grisons (air-dried beef), pecorino, mozzarella, sundried tomato.
  • Italian salami (Abruzzese, Fellini-salami, Milano, mortadelle or other) with fresh celeriac salad.
  • Flemish asparagus with egg mimosa and olive oil (during the season).

* Croque-monsieur:

  • Cooked ham and matured Dutch cheese.
  • Children's croque-monsieur with Nutella chocolate paste and banana slices.


* Croutons:      Fry the chunky croutons slowly in olive oil till golden yellow and crusty. Sprinkle with sea salt. 

Can be kept in a closed box during 14 days in the refrigerator.
Just before plating the croutons, merely heat a little bit till they are crisp again.    ..  :: 
Extremely suitable  to join with a nice salad (for example a Caesar Salad),
or a delightful soup (pea soup, Vichyssoise, gazpacho).


* Grissini:        Toast thin bread sticks of Ervin's sesame seed bread.
                           Wrap in strips of Parma ham, smoked salmon or other. 


* tasty wrap:

For this preparation:  just let the sesame seed bread thaw, but don't heat it up.
The bread must remain flexible and definitely not crispy.

Cut the bread fully open lengthwise   and then each half in half ,
so you get 4 equal parts:

  • Cover with basil pesto, thin slices of mozzarella, rocket salad and julienne of sundried tomato.
    Fold into a wrap and tighten if necessary in plastic foil. 
    Let stiffen in the fridge. 
      Serve either cold or slightly heated in a panini press.

  • Cover with mango chutney, finely sliced, crunchy grilled chicken tandoori , julienne of peeled red pepper, iceberg salad.

  • Cover with salsa verde, grilled sardine fillet , a little bit of chopped anchovies and capers, julienne of marinated artichoke.

  • Cover with an anchoïade, cubes of softly melted onions, brunoise of peeled tomatoes and small pieces of pitted black olives.

  • Cream cheese with chives flavoured with Worchestershire sauce, tartar of fresh and/or smoked salmon , rocket salad or watercress.


 Oyster Bread :

Just let Ervin's sesame seed bread defrost.
Cut the bread lengthwise.
Cover one side with a delicious farm butter and season finally with fleur du sel and ground black pepper from the mill.
Close the bread.
Cut decoratively in triangles  , strips, squares , or carve circles from the oyster bread.

You can keep these oyster sandwiches remarkably long without them going stale because ,bbecau of the high percentage of olive oil in the bread. So they can be prepared some time in advance.
One can also serve oyster bread the same way as a wrap:
Cut the bread lengthwise into two, and each part again into two halves.
Cover with a high quality butter and season with fleur du sel and ground black pepper. 
Cover with chuka wakame, passe-pierre, seaweed, or sea lavender.

Fold into a wrap and tighten if necessary in some cling foil. Let the roll stiffen in the fridge.               
The result is a very tasty, decorative and beautifully colour marbled bread.

* Sushi: ... and why not a sushi with my bread?

Roll up with nori, wasabi en dashi rice and garnish nicely with king crab or other topping.

* Top of the bill:  enjoyable toast fingers to accompany your soft boiled egg for breakfast or for luxurious revelling in caviar.

The recipes above have been described for this type of bread:

Ervin's Herb & Cheese Bread

* Very tasty just shortly heated in the oven or grilled.

* Stuffed Panini:

  • Oven dried and marinated tomato, rucola salad, grilled and peeled red pepper, capers.
  • Oven dried and/or smoked Black Forest ham, slightly caramelized chicory.
  • Pastrami of beef, rocket salad, celeriac chips or pickled sour-sweet white cabbage.

* Bruschetta:               large size:

Defrost the cheese bread and slice open.
Coat the inside of the bread slightly with extra virgin olive oil.
Toast or grill both the inside and outside.
Add a filling of choice and grill or re-heat shortly in the oven according to the type of filling.

  • Open bruschetta with a filling of slices of melon (Cavaillon, watermelon, sugar melon or a mix of all three). Finish with pomegranate fruit seeds and mint leaves. Nicely fresh and colourful during summer times. Serve cold.
  • Open bruschetta with onion confit, salted anchovies, pitted black olives. Cover with grated gruyere or pecorino. Briefly grilled.
  • Open bruschetta with nut pesto, blanched rucola or dandelion leaves, a few peeled and halved Muscat grapes, strips of smoked bacon.

small size:


Defrost the cheese bread. Cut up in slices of 2 cm.
Coat the inside of the bread slightly with extra virgin olive oil.
Toast or grill both the inside and outside.
Add filling of choice. Grill or re-heat shortly in the oven according to the type of filling or serve cold.

  • Pesto of rucola, slices of grilled tuna, a few grilled pine kernels, slices of san Simon cheese. Grill briefly.
  • Pesto of paprika, piece of tandoori chicken, several slices of fresh mango. Serve cold.
  • Aubergine caviar, pieces of grilled aubergine, grilled courgette, thin slices of buffalo mozzarella, tomato compote. Grill briefly.

* Toasted crispy and served with a fish soup or bouillabaisse, accompanied with a rouille (saffron and garlic mayonnaise) or aioli.

* The stuffed cheese bread is also perfect as a complete lunch bread served along a nice salad.

* Ervin's Club Sandwich:

    Slice the bread lengthwise. Cut up into three pieces and grill or toast:

  • Coat the first piece of toasted bread with mayonnaise and add a filling of slices of grilled tomato, baked bacon, and Cheddar cheese.
  • Also coat the second piece with mayonnaise and add a filling of iceberg salad, crispy grilled strips of chicken fillet, fried onion rings, and a slice of Cheddar cheese.
  • Cover the second piece with the third, add to the first and pin all slices down with a bamboo skewer.
  • Enjoy!

The recipes above have been described for this type of bread:

Ervin's Bread with Dates

* My favourite bread:

Goes perfectly with goose liver pâté:

  • Simply slice and toast the bread.
  • One complete round slice of date bread, slightly toasted. Filling o a nice slice of ballotine of goose liver. Served with an onion and orange preserve or a crystal clear jelly of old Madeira port.
  • Carpaccio of fresh goose or duck liver with a quince compote.
  • Thinly sliced smoked goose liver and a mango and papaya chutney.
  • Rillettes of goose and black pudding of goose liver with grilled date bread and a salsa of nuts.
* Stuffed Panini:

  • Smooth brie de Meaux, fig preserve, rucola salad and slices of fresh figs.
  • Smoked duck breast, grilled pine kernels and tatin of thinly sliced apple.
  • Smoked chicken filet, icebergs salad, wine vinegar and honey marinated cucumber.
  • Blue Stilton, oak leave salad, walnuts and macadamia nuts.
  • Crisply fried black pudding with apple and pear confit.
* Simply mouth-watering toasted with a terrine of poultry, venison, rabbit or other, delicious served along rillettes.

*Tasty salads:

  • A riche salad with goose liver, smoked duck breast, fresh smoked langoustines, asparagus, green beans, artichoke bottoms, grilled pine kernels, quail eggs, rasp berries, a vinaigrette of rasp berry vinegar and olive oil, and a gently toasted slice of date bread.
  • A complete slice of date bread grilled or toasted with a filling of thin slices of goat cheese, finished with a drizzle of acacia honey, a few rucola leaves, cashew nuts and peeled, salted pistachios.
  • A colourful salad with rissoles of potatoes, courgette, mango, papaya, sour-sweet tomato, marinated cucumber, grilled pine kernels and sesame seeds, cubes of pheasant and wild rabbit meat, a vinaigrette of rice vinegar, soya, mirin (Japanese rice wine), and sesame oil.

*For the creative chef:

Making a tompouce of goose liver:

  • Defrost the bread but do not heat it up; it has to remain elastic.
  • Cut the bread lengthwise in five slices.
  • Coat the first slice with a goose liver parfait and fill with thin slices of mango.
  • Give the second slice a filling of Carpaccio of goose liver and chicory confit.
  • The third slice should be covered with smoked goose breast and chopped up grilled pine kernels.
  • The first slice is also coated with the goose liver parfait and thin slices of fig.
  • Stack all slice on top of each other and finish with the last slice. Let it stiffen in the fridge if necessary wrapped up in cling foil. Cooled down it can be cut up in thin slices showing an array of fabulous colours and tastes.

Making a millefeuille of goose liver:

  • Handle the bread in the way described above but toast the slices on both sides golden en crispy before adding the filling. One can also use different ingredients for the filling.
  • Small roulades. Defrost the bread and cut up lengthwise in thin slices of about 4 to 5 cm width. Coat the slices with a mouse or parfait of goose liver,  a slice of smoked duck filet, a mango chutney and some rucola leaves. Roll up the slices. Serve as a medium-sized or small appetizer.

*Fine cheeses:

  • We do not have to explain that Ervin’s date bread tastes unmistakably delicious with a plate of fine cheese.
  • Goes well with salty and especially blue cheeses.
  • Crottin Chavignol in a bread crumb coating on a mixed salad finished with peeled Muscatel grapes and hand-peeled walnuts. The skillet in which the crottin is fries should be deglazed with grape vinegar. Drizzle together with nut oil over the salad and serve with a warmed slice of date bread.
  • Camembert in its wood box heated on the grill or between the charcoal of the barbecue. Serve with heated date bread, a nut pesto and the meringue of honey and pistachio.

The recipes above have been described for this type of bread:

Ervin's Green Olives & Chopped Onion Bread

This green olive bread is especially created to be served with dry-cured ham such as Parma, San Daniele, Serrano, Iberico, Bayonne, Black Forest, Westphalian, Ardennes,...

The frutiness and the slightly crispy touch of the crushed olives and the fried onion offer an outstanding foodpairing...especially served with a slice of  juicy cavaillon melon.

*Stuffed Paninis:

  • Mozarella, grilled courgette, Italian spiced ham.
  • San Daniele ham, rilled aubergines, julienne of artichokes and san simon cheese.
  • Coppa di Parma ham, coarsely grated parmesan, sundried tomato.
  • Pastrami of lamb and a ratatouille of grilled vegetables.
  • Westphalian ham with marinated chanterelle mushrooms and pickled onions.
  • Grilled sardines with marinated young fennel and fennel seeds.


  • Serve along a taboulleh salad with grilled poivrade artichokes and marinated pickled tomatoes.
  • Colourful pallet of grilled, peeled and marinated peppers: red, green, yellow, orange, finished with capers and stuffed grape leaves.
  • A tasty and fresh Greek salad with crispy vegetables, fresh herbs and feta.
  • Filled with a juicy omelette of forest mushrooms, chives and seitan.

*Vitello Tonato:

  • Serve slightly grilled with a nicely presented vitello.
  • Can also be served with a filling of vitello tomato and some added rucola salad.

*Tapas: This green olive and onion bread cannot be left out  as a side dish with tapas.

  • Nicely roasted slices along several dipping sauces: anchoïade, tapenade, aubergine caviar, tomato salsa, salsa of sundried paprika, and salsa verde.
  • Small filled sandwiches
  • Small filled wraps.
  • Small crusty croutons along a gazpacho.
  • Small strips of roasted bread wrapped up in dry-cured ham.

* Ideal to make into pitas and hamburgers.

* A tajine accompanied with this kind of bread? Delicious!

* Barbecue and outdoor cooking, stone grill or gourmet.

* Papillotte with Ervin’s Bread:

This papilotte can be prepared with Ervin’s Focaccia with herbs, Sesame Seed Bread and, of course, Green olives and Onion Bread:

  • Defrost the bread, slice it lengthwise open on one side. Proceed carefully with a thin knice up to one or two centimetres along the edges of the other close sides.
  • Add a filling of: filet of grilled fish such as mackerel, haring, sardines, escargots or some other delicious seafood, add vegetable aromates and chopped herbs, some lime or lemon juice and their zest.
  • Close and tie up the papillotte with a thin string or sprigs of lemon grass.
  • Heat this slowly on a not too hot grill. Impressive!

Of course this papillotte can also be stuffed with meat, poultry, small sized venison or vegetarian ingredients.

The recipes above have been described for this type of bread:

Ervin's Basil & Cheese Bread

A sublime bread with perfectly accompanies a Carpaccio, a tasty salad, a delicious pasta or cold and warm soups.

  • Carpaccio of beef, thin slices of pecorino with truffle, rucola salad and a touch of sundried tomatoes.
  • Feta cheese, stewed baby pack soy, cumin seeds and pancetta.
  • A juicy omelette with mushrooms, tomatoes and finely chopped onions.
  • Slices of crispy and well-spiced roasted beef, celery chips.
  • Slices of roasted leg of lamb, fried onion rings and a side dish of Greek yoghurt with garlic, dragon and mint.
  • Slices of marinated artichokes, soft salty filets of anchovies  and capers.
  • Kefta meatballs, iceberg salad and grilled roma tomatoes.
* Carpaccio’s:

 Sliced and grilled, this basil and cheese bread gives a real boost to all your delicious Carpaccio dishes:

  • A nice Carpaccio with extremely fresh tuna on a salsa of fresh green vegetables, some capers and a dressing of lemon and olive oil.
  • Carpaccio with nicely veined Angus beef, basil pesto, thin curls of parmesan cheese, and a drizzle of olive oil and balsamic vinegar.
  • A vegetarian Carpaccio of young fennel, artichoke, dill and fennel seed, and a dressing on the basis of olive oil and lime and Sichuan pepper.
  • Carpaccio of langoustines, Carpaccio of beef tomatoes, a dressing and some fresh basil leaves.
  • Small tart with tomato tartar, coriander and onion, covered with a Carpaccio of scallops, accompanied by a fresh salad of rucola and vegetables.
  • Carpaccio of swordfish with a mosaic of crispy vegetables and a dressing of soya and wasabi.

The recipes above have been described for this type of bread:

Ervin's Sweet Roasted Red Peppers

A lovely inspiration which I can advice for all seasons:

* Panini’s:
  • The English way: scrambled eggs, grilled tomato and mushrooms, fried bacon.
  • Spicy lamb stew, white butter beans, green beans and san simon cheese.
  • Roasted beef, Asiago cheese, fresh leaves of dragon, mint en basil.
  • Egg salad with pitted olives and concassé of flat parsley.
  • Vegetarian, filled with a tempura of vegetables.


  • Tandoori of chicken with mango chutney.
  • Hotdog with sauerkraut, some mustard, and Alsatian, Thuringian, or Frankfurter sausage.
  • Stuffed with a frittata laced with a vegetable brunoise.
  • Colourful mix of red, yellow and orange slices of peeled paprika, feta cheese and chopped up black kalamata olives.
  • Stuffed with couscous, tajine of rabbit (or fish, poultry, lamb).
  • As pita with iceberg lettuce, grilled tomato, spicy lamb kebab.
  • Bread roll ‘Go Holland Go’ filled with orange tandoori chicken, orange peeld paprika, mango and orange Cheddar cheese.

* Barbecue and outdoor cooking:

This grilled paprika bread cannot be absent from your barbecues.
Perhaps one disadvantage: Your neighbour is wondering whether he is also invited.

* Serve with scampi and gambas.

The recipes above have been described for this type of bread: