Tapenade  &  Black  Olives

Tapenade & Black Olives

Ervin's Black Olives Tapenade & Garlic Bread

For the true lovers of garlic and black olives!

After carefully kneading the dough by hand it is filled with a delicious homemade puree of black olives: kalamate, snocciolate and taggiasche.

This puree is enriched with freshly grilled garlic and only the very best extra virgin olive oil. After the filling the bread gets its final and distinctive form.

Heat trough for about four minutes in a preheated oven and you will be amazed by the fragrances escaping your oven.

code: TAP   number: 004
weight: 260 g.   30 pieces/box




Recipes with this type of bread

Ervin's Black Olives Tapenade & Garlic Bread

* Stuffed Panini: 

Fill the black olives tapenade & garlic bread.
Cut into two equal parts to obtain 2 large paninis or for small sandwiches into 6 parts:

  • Babaganoush (caviar of aubergines), slices of grilled aubergine, slices of tomato, 
    slivers of asiago cheese (or mozzarella or san simon cheese, or other).
  • Pastrami of lamb, grilled zucchini, shavings of parmesan.
  • Wild mushrooms with melted onions, good farm butter and flat parsley.
  • Vitello tonato, some additional chunks of tuna,  Roman lettuce, capers.
    Of course one can also simply serve slices of grilled tapenade and garlic bread with a plate of vitello tonato.


* Mushroom toast: a modern version :

Fill up the crispy heated tapenade & garlic bread with fresh beautiful Parisian mushrooms which have been fried in garlic butter. 
Finish with freshly chopped parsley.
One can still enrich this delicious dish with scampi , or with escargots, or with marrow.

* Delicious to give alongside scampi or gambas .

* Definitely one of my favorites :

Fill with spicy, crunchy and juicy roastbeef , rocket salad and crispy fried onion rings (breaded in milk and flour, or with panko ).
Serve slightly heated with a fresh anchovy mayonnaise .
Try it ...Ravishing!