Sweet  Dates

Sweet Dates

Ervin's Bread with Dates

My precious!

This bread was designed especially to be served with foie gras. It’s a delicacy made with dates, maple syrup, zest of lemon, a dusting of marogogype coffee, extra virgin olive oil and farmer’s butter.

Delicious after being warmed through in a preheated oven for about 4 to 5 minutes.

Some breakfast advice for the boys:

Toast a slice of Ervin’s Bread with Dates and smear it with butter, hold it in your left hand. In your right hand, hold a glass of champagne. Equipped with these treats, mount the stairs going up to the bedroom. Repeat this 365 times a year and the missus will be ever so pleased.

code: DAT  number: 007  
weight: 300 g.  30 pieces/box


Recipes with this type of bread

Ervin's Bread with Dates

* My favourite bread:

Goes perfectly with goose liver pâté:

  • Simply slice and toast the bread.
  • One complete round slice of date bread, slightly toasted. Filling o a nice slice of ballotine of goose liver. Served with an onion and orange preserve or a crystal clear jelly of old Madeira port.
  • Carpaccio of fresh goose or duck liver with a quince compote.
  • Thinly sliced smoked goose liver and a mango and papaya chutney.
  • Rillettes of goose and black pudding of goose liver with grilled date bread and a salsa of nuts.
* Stuffed Panini:

  • Smooth brie de Meaux, fig preserve, rucola salad and slices of fresh figs.
  • Smoked duck breast, grilled pine kernels and tatin of thinly sliced apple.
  • Smoked chicken filet, icebergs salad, wine vinegar and honey marinated cucumber.
  • Blue Stilton, oak leave salad, walnuts and macadamia nuts.
  • Crisply fried black pudding with apple and pear confit.
* Simply mouth-watering toasted with a terrine of poultry, venison, rabbit or other, delicious served along rillettes.

*Tasty salads:

  • A riche salad with goose liver, smoked duck breast, fresh smoked langoustines, asparagus, green beans, artichoke bottoms, grilled pine kernels, quail eggs, rasp berries, a vinaigrette of rasp berry vinegar and olive oil, and a gently toasted slice of date bread.
  • A complete slice of date bread grilled or toasted with a filling of thin slices of goat cheese, finished with a drizzle of acacia honey, a few rucola leaves, cashew nuts and peeled, salted pistachios.
  • A colourful salad with rissoles of potatoes, courgette, mango, papaya, sour-sweet tomato, marinated cucumber, grilled pine kernels and sesame seeds, cubes of pheasant and wild rabbit meat, a vinaigrette of rice vinegar, soya, mirin (Japanese rice wine), and sesame oil.

*For the creative chef:

Making a tompouce of goose liver:

  • Defrost the bread but do not heat it up; it has to remain elastic.
  • Cut the bread lengthwise in five slices.
  • Coat the first slice with a goose liver parfait and fill with thin slices of mango.
  • Give the second slice a filling of Carpaccio of goose liver and chicory confit.
  • The third slice should be covered with smoked goose breast and chopped up grilled pine kernels.
  • The first slice is also coated with the goose liver parfait and thin slices of fig.
  • Stack all slice on top of each other and finish with the last slice. Let it stiffen in the fridge if necessary wrapped up in cling foil. Cooled down it can be cut up in thin slices showing an array of fabulous colours and tastes.

Making a millefeuille of goose liver:

  • Handle the bread in the way described above but toast the slices on both sides golden en crispy before adding the filling. One can also use different ingredients for the filling.
  • Small roulades. Defrost the bread and cut up lengthwise in thin slices of about 4 to 5 cm width. Coat the slices with a mouse or parfait of goose liver,  a slice of smoked duck filet, a mango chutney and some rucola leaves. Roll up the slices. Serve as a medium-sized or small appetizer.

*Fine cheeses:

  • We do not have to explain that Ervin’s date bread tastes unmistakably delicious with a plate of fine cheese.
  • Goes well with salty and especially blue cheeses.
  • Crottin Chavignol in a bread crumb coating on a mixed salad finished with peeled Muscatel grapes and hand-peeled walnuts. The skillet in which the crottin is fries should be deglazed with grape vinegar. Drizzle together with nut oil over the salad and serve with a warmed slice of date bread.
  • Camembert in its wood box heated on the grill or between the charcoal of the barbecue. Serve with heated date bread, a nut pesto and the meringue of honey and pistachio.