Sundried  Tomatoes

Sundried Tomatoes

Ervin's Sundried Tomato Bread

Invite the sun into your home!

A firm bread, packed full with flavours and aromas, yet ever so light.

Laced with colourful slices of sundried tomatos and fresh basil, finished with an infusion of fruity extra virgin olive oil and sea salt flakes.

Heat through for five to six minutes in a preheated oven or put it straight on the grill.

The dimples in this bread will have you dreaming of warm and sunny days full of bliss.

code : SUN    number : 003
weight : 450 g.   18 pieces/box

Recipes with this type of bread

Ervin's Sundried Tomato Bread

 * Stuffed Panini:

First warm the sundried tomato bread for 5 minutes in a preheated oven and allow to cool.
Cut the bread into two equal parts.
Cover both sides with a fresh cream cheese that has been flavoured with finely sliced chives, Worcestershire sauce, pepper and salt.   
Then place alternately on one part colourful paprika rings: yellow, red, green and orange. 
Close the bread and slice into 4 sandwiches.  
Serve cold or slightly heated between a panini press. 

  • Grilled zucchini, mozzarella, pitted and coarsely sliced green and black olives.
  • Marinated cucumber with dill and cooked ham.

* How to make small beautiful roulades for receptions, for tapas, or as an appetiser :

For this preparation: Thaw the sundried tomato bread, but do not heat it up.
The bread must remain flexible and should definitely not become crisp. 
Cut the bread lengthwise into thin slices (about 3 mm thickness).
 ... Put fresh natural cream cheese on the slices of bread and cover with smoked salmon and rocket salad.
Role for a bread roulade. Let the role stiffen in the fridge .
   Cut into small slices    or serve as a whole. .
Very beautiful. Of course one can prepare this role in the same way  with other products such as Parma ham, pesto and thin slices fried zucchini .

* Ideal to serve with a cheese board or buffet. 

* Serve Ervin's sundried tomato bread with a preparation of scampi or lamb.   

* This bread is an absolute must at any barbecue . You can heat all Ervin's Bread directly on the grill.