Sesame  Seeds

Sesame Seeds

Ervin's Sesame Seed Bread

A simple, yet delicious pearl in our selection!

Handmade with just a touch of clarified farmer’s butter, extra virgin olive oil, sea salt and slightly toasted sesame seeds.

It’s at home in every kitchen and in every culture.

Best slightly toasted or warmed through for just a couple of minutes.

You will love its fine crust and soft crumb.

code: SES    number: 005
weight: 330 g.   21 pieces/box


Recipes with this type of bread

Ervin's Sesame Seed Bread

* A very delicious type of bread that can be used for all purposes :

  • At breakfast: can be served either soft or crispy, or nicely toasted.
  • Ideal for your cheese buffet.
  • Fondue, gourmet, stone grill.
  • Wok dishes.
  • Outdoor cooking and barbecue : our breads may be heated straight on the grill  for about 2 minutes. . for about 2 minutes   for about 2 minutes   for about 2 minutes   for about 2 minutes   
  • Little stuffed sandwiches receptions and walking dinners.
  • Tea time.

* Paninis:

  • Smoked salmon, cream cheese flavoured with fine slices of baby stem ginger in syrup , rocket salad.
  • Smoked eel,  horseradish cream cheese spiced with Espelette pepper, celeriac salad.
  • Smoked trout , cream cheese with chopped chives, oven dried tomato.
  • Thin slices of bresaola or viande de grisons (air-dried beef), pecorino, mozzarella, sundried tomato.
  • Italian salami (Abruzzese, Fellini-salami, Milano, mortadelle or other) with fresh celeriac salad.
  • Flemish asparagus with egg mimosa and olive oil (during the season).

* Croque-monsieur:

  • Cooked ham and matured Dutch cheese.
  • Children's croque-monsieur with Nutella chocolate paste and banana slices.


* Croutons:      Fry the chunky croutons slowly in olive oil till golden yellow and crusty. Sprinkle with sea salt. 

Can be kept in a closed box during 14 days in the refrigerator.
Just before plating the croutons, merely heat a little bit till they are crisp again.    ..  :: 
Extremely suitable  to join with a nice salad (for example a Caesar Salad),
or a delightful soup (pea soup, Vichyssoise, gazpacho).


* Grissini:        Toast thin bread sticks of Ervin's sesame seed bread.
                           Wrap in strips of Parma ham, smoked salmon or other. 


* tasty wrap:

For this preparation:  just let the sesame seed bread thaw, but don't heat it up.
The bread must remain flexible and definitely not crispy.

Cut the bread fully open lengthwise   and then each half in half ,
so you get 4 equal parts:

  • Cover with basil pesto, thin slices of mozzarella, rocket salad and julienne of sundried tomato.
    Fold into a wrap and tighten if necessary in plastic foil. 
    Let stiffen in the fridge. 
      Serve either cold or slightly heated in a panini press.

  • Cover with mango chutney, finely sliced, crunchy grilled chicken tandoori , julienne of peeled red pepper, iceberg salad.

  • Cover with salsa verde, grilled sardine fillet , a little bit of chopped anchovies and capers, julienne of marinated artichoke.

  • Cover with an anchoïade, cubes of softly melted onions, brunoise of peeled tomatoes and small pieces of pitted black olives.

  • Cream cheese with chives flavoured with Worchestershire sauce, tartar of fresh and/or smoked salmon , rocket salad or watercress.


 Oyster Bread :

Just let Ervin's sesame seed bread defrost.
Cut the bread lengthwise.
Cover one side with a delicious farm butter and season finally with fleur du sel and ground black pepper from the mill.
Close the bread.
Cut decoratively in triangles  , strips, squares , or carve circles from the oyster bread.

You can keep these oyster sandwiches remarkably long without them going stale because ,bbecau of the high percentage of olive oil in the bread. So they can be prepared some time in advance.
One can also serve oyster bread the same way as a wrap:
Cut the bread lengthwise into two, and each part again into two halves.
Cover with a high quality butter and season with fleur du sel and ground black pepper. 
Cover with chuka wakame, passe-pierre, seaweed, or sea lavender.

Fold into a wrap and tighten if necessary in some cling foil. Let the roll stiffen in the fridge.               
The result is a very tasty, decorative and beautifully colour marbled bread.

* Sushi: ... and why not a sushi with my bread?

Roll up with nori, wasabi en dashi rice and garnish nicely with king crab or other topping.

* Top of the bill:  enjoyable toast fingers to accompany your soft boiled egg for breakfast or for luxurious revelling in caviar.