Green  Olives  &  Onions

Green Olives & Onions

Ervin's Green Olives & Chopped Onion Bread

Living the good life!

This focaccia is not unlike a fougasse, with a mixture of marinated fruity green olives, chopped onions, sea salt and extra virgin olive oil.

It is the ideal accompaniment for cured hams and tapas.

Best slightly warmed through in the oven for just a couple of minutes or straight on the barbecue grill.

Just imagine yourself sitting in the warm sun on a terrace in the Provence with a glass of Ricard, some tapas and a delicious piece of Ervin’s Bread with green olives…

La Douce France!

code: GRO   number: 008
weight: 320 g.   21 pieces/box


Recipes with this type of bread

Ervin's Green Olives & Chopped Onion Bread

This green olive bread is especially created to be served with dry-cured ham such as Parma, San Daniele, Serrano, Iberico, Bayonne, Black Forest, Westphalian, Ardennes,...

The frutiness and the slightly crispy touch of the crushed olives and the fried onion offer an outstanding foodpairing...especially served with a slice of  juicy cavaillon melon.

*Stuffed Paninis:

  • Mozarella, grilled courgette, Italian spiced ham.
  • San Daniele ham, rilled aubergines, julienne of artichokes and san simon cheese.
  • Coppa di Parma ham, coarsely grated parmesan, sundried tomato.
  • Pastrami of lamb and a ratatouille of grilled vegetables.
  • Westphalian ham with marinated chanterelle mushrooms and pickled onions.
  • Grilled sardines with marinated young fennel and fennel seeds.


  • Serve along a taboulleh salad with grilled poivrade artichokes and marinated pickled tomatoes.
  • Colourful pallet of grilled, peeled and marinated peppers: red, green, yellow, orange, finished with capers and stuffed grape leaves.
  • A tasty and fresh Greek salad with crispy vegetables, fresh herbs and feta.
  • Filled with a juicy omelette of forest mushrooms, chives and seitan.

*Vitello Tonato:

  • Serve slightly grilled with a nicely presented vitello.
  • Can also be served with a filling of vitello tomato and some added rucola salad.

*Tapas: This green olive and onion bread cannot be left out  as a side dish with tapas.

  • Nicely roasted slices along several dipping sauces: anchoïade, tapenade, aubergine caviar, tomato salsa, salsa of sundried paprika, and salsa verde.
  • Small filled sandwiches
  • Small filled wraps.
  • Small crusty croutons along a gazpacho.
  • Small strips of roasted bread wrapped up in dry-cured ham.

* Ideal to make into pitas and hamburgers.

* A tajine accompanied with this kind of bread? Delicious!

* Barbecue and outdoor cooking, stone grill or gourmet.

* Papillotte with Ervin’s Bread:

This papilotte can be prepared with Ervin’s Focaccia with herbs, Sesame Seed Bread and, of course, Green olives and Onion Bread:

  • Defrost the bread, slice it lengthwise open on one side. Proceed carefully with a thin knice up to one or two centimetres along the edges of the other close sides.
  • Add a filling of: filet of grilled fish such as mackerel, haring, sardines, escargots or some other delicious seafood, add vegetable aromates and chopped herbs, some lime or lemon juice and their zest.
  • Close and tie up the papillotte with a thin string or sprigs of lemon grass.
  • Heat this slowly on a not too hot grill. Impressive!

Of course this papillotte can also be stuffed with meat, poultry, small sized venison or vegetarian ingredients.