Basil  &  Cheese

Basil & Cheese

Ervin's Basil & Cheese Bread

In a few words: unique and irresponsibly delicious!

Kneaded by hand this bread is filled with a unique oil infused with basil and a mixture of Greek feta and dried herbs.

Heat through for four minutes in a preheated oven or serve as a Panini. Either way you will be charmed by its subtlety and grace.

It’s the perfect companion for all your soups, salads and Carpaccio.

Serve and spoil your guests!

code: BAC    number: 009
weight: 340 g.   25 pieces/box

Recipes with this type of bread

Ervin's Basil & Cheese Bread

A sublime bread with perfectly accompanies a Carpaccio, a tasty salad, a delicious pasta or cold and warm soups.

  • Carpaccio of beef, thin slices of pecorino with truffle, rucola salad and a touch of sundried tomatoes.
  • Feta cheese, stewed baby pack soy, cumin seeds and pancetta.
  • A juicy omelette with mushrooms, tomatoes and finely chopped onions.
  • Slices of crispy and well-spiced roasted beef, celery chips.
  • Slices of roasted leg of lamb, fried onion rings and a side dish of Greek yoghurt with garlic, dragon and mint.
  • Slices of marinated artichokes, soft salty filets of anchovies  and capers.
  • Kefta meatballs, iceberg salad and grilled roma tomatoes.
* Carpaccio’s:

 Sliced and grilled, this basil and cheese bread gives a real boost to all your delicious Carpaccio dishes:

  • A nice Carpaccio with extremely fresh tuna on a salsa of fresh green vegetables, some capers and a dressing of lemon and olive oil.
  • Carpaccio with nicely veined Angus beef, basil pesto, thin curls of parmesan cheese, and a drizzle of olive oil and balsamic vinegar.
  • A vegetarian Carpaccio of young fennel, artichoke, dill and fennel seed, and a dressing on the basis of olive oil and lime and Sichuan pepper.
  • Carpaccio of langoustines, Carpaccio of beef tomatoes, a dressing and some fresh basil leaves.
  • Small tart with tomato tartar, coriander and onion, covered with a Carpaccio of scallops, accompanied by a fresh salad of rucola and vegetables.
  • Carpaccio of swordfish with a mosaic of crispy vegetables and a dressing of soya and wasabi.